We have focused on creating a vertically integrated setup that includes in-house production of polyester sewing thread, polyester buttons, dyed yarns, and melange yarns. It is by leveraging synergies across our group under the Tamishna brand that we produce high-quality knitwear in the shortest possible lead times, incorporating the highest possible quality.

Etafil Bangladesh Limited

Sewing threads

Cotton Thread
Polyester Thread
Filament Tread

Tamishna Fashionwear Limited
Tamishna Apparels Limited



Washing Unit

Garments Dyeing
Acid Wash
Cool Pigment Dyeing
Cool Pigment Dye

Tamishna Dyeing Industries

Dyed Yarn

Organic Cotton
Cotton / Polyester
Equivera Viscose
Cotton / Viscose
Acrylic / Cotton
Recycled Yarn

Tamishna Synthetics


100% Cotton Melange Yarn
100% Viscose Melange Yarn
100%  Organic Cotton Slab Melange
100% Organic Cotton Inject Melange
100% Organic Cotton Siro Melange Yarn

Etafil Accessories Limited


Chalk Buttons
Pearl Buttons
Horn Buttons
Logo Buttons